Thursday, June 20, 2013

Some book cover possibilities

I'm too worn out to write much today, so I'm going to see if I can post some pictures successfully. They're mockups for the covers of the ebooks (or is that "e-books"?) I'm putting together, and an illustration for one of the stories ("The Ambiguities," originally published in Hell in the Heartland). I'm not sure it will help sell the books that they don't much look like the other covers I've seen, but there's a certain sameness to many ebook covers I'd like to avoid. Let me know if you think they stink, or if they might be salvageable if I do this or that.

Also: Please let me know if you think putting "Nebula winning author of Bronte's Egg'" on the cover sounds stupid. One part of me says I should put something like that on the cover because it might sell more books. Another part of me says I'm just being conceited.

Other than these covers, I spent some time changing underscorings to italics in three of the stories for the books (and figuring out some other search-and-replace relics left over from an Alexandria Digital version of one), slipped in a little detail I missed in the second paragraph of "Dixon's Road," and mapped out a change to another old story I'm working on for the saur collection. It's a story called "Agent" (unless you or I can think of a better name), and it includes a scene where several girls encounter an irascible stegosaur named Agnes in a toy store. The story is also supposed to explain Reggie a bit more -- where it came from and why it might have gotten into some trouble.

I also spent some time looking over recent stories in "Year's Best" anthologies, looking for good pieces with unreliable narrators. It's for something Marty Halpern is working on. The one thing I've discovered is that it's not so easy to figure out just what constitutes an "unreliable" narrator. Some narrators are just being deceptive. But "unreliable"? Unless it's someone like the narrator of "The Tell-Tale Heart," it's a judgment call. But I'll turn over the few I think might qualify to Marty and see what he thinks.

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