Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Saurian Archives: A Letter From Two Tyrannosaurs

This missive was intercepted from two small green tyrannosaurs, who as part of their penance were requested to make this apology public.

Dear Mrs. Omega,

We are sorry we ate your dog. It was very selfish of us and we promise never to do it again.

Pierrot and I were very, very hungry and didn't know if we would ever eat again if we didn't find some meat. Technically, your dog wasn't meat until we made it meat, but we were hungry.

We are sorry our meat was your dog.

We were afraid we were going to starve, but the human came back, and he brought other food.

Because it is healthier, we cooked the meat over a fire.

Your dog tasted good.

But we are sorry we ate him.

Very, very sorry.

Jean-Claude (and Pierrot)


  1. "We are sorry our meat was your dog." I think this is one of my favorite sentences ever.